Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Athletics Practice! ( 2.12.10 )

"You can do it" Shouted Alana. As I got ready to jump over the high jump. I sprinted towards the high jump sweating hard out and I jump as high as I can and land on the mat with a BUMP! I look to see if I have knocked the bar over but I had made it.

'Yay' I whispered to myself happily. I ran to the back of the line to have another go. Next is Alana's turn. "Go Alana" I shout hoping that she will make it. She runs and she jumps and she makes it just by one inch I am happy for her because she hates high jump I use to as well but not so much anymore.

Next is Hannah's turn, she makes it to, very easily though. Now it is Linda's turn. She run's and she jumps and just makes it.

Finally Last but not least here comes Natalya now I have to admite she is better than me at high jump but maybe not so much long jump well I don't know but right here it is her turn she run's and jumps and just knocks the bar over. OH NO she didn't make it but she try's again and just makes it. "Yay" I shout "Well done Natalya."

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  1. Fun writing Emma! You did well but you need to stop changing from present tense to past tense! Well done tho