Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quiddage ( 9.12.10 )

Quiddage is awesome you probably don't know what Quiddage is so let me tell you.
Quiddage is when you make things and sell them for snidges witch is legal currency.
And every single Friday you open your business and sell the things for snidges. And you earn the snidges by doing your homefun if you do your homefun every day every morning you get 10 snidges if you don't do your homefun it is minus 10 snidges. Our first business was glitz and glam witch is when we do people's hair like braids plaits and lots more. But we spent too much NZ dollars buying the things we needed so we changed to magnificent muffins. ans we succeeded. The cheese and chocolate and blueberry were 40 snidges and the banana choc chip were 30 snidges and oh yeah we succeeded all right, one time we got over 1000 snidges. One of my favorite businesses was the la soupers because the soup was nice and hot and yummy. So I can probably guess now you can see why Quiddage is so cool.

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  1. Very good Emma
    You did well: You put what Quiddage is all about
    Next time: Stick to the topic